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Australian Country Recording Awards
ACRA Awards 2005
Goulburn -   October 21st 2005
The Finalists & Winners
Male Album of The Year
Winner; Paul Costa
Arthur Blanch. Paul Costa Peter Denahy. Darryl Lamb. Peter Pratt

Female Album of The Year
Winner; Naomi Therese
Norma Jean. Clelia Adams. Laura Downing. Naomi Therese. Jeanette Wormald
Instrumental Album of The Year
Winner; Peter Horan
Neville Molloy. Tony Martin. Peter Horan
Bush Ballad Album of The Year
Winner; Dean Perrett
Tom Maxwell Frank Sargent. Dean Perrett. Graham Roger Ashley Cook
Collaboration Album of The Year
Dead Heat; LBS No 10 & Rick & Cathy
Rick & Cathy. LBS No 10. Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters. Carter & Carter.
Sidie & Annie Ree
Luke Newland New Talent Award
Winner; Amos Morris
Naomi Therese. Ashley Cook. Norma Jean. Stacey Morris. Michelle Styles. Amos Morris.
Australian Country Artists on Tour Award
A dead heat; Craig Giles & Tom Maxwell
Australian Country Music Club of The Year
Winner; Wagga Wagga CMC
Australian Country radio Station of The Year
2 AAA FM Wagga Wagga
FM Community Broadcasters are invited to nominate as Judge for the 2006 Awards
Contact; eire3@bigpond.com  
Click here for more info
From the Australian Country News Website
 -  http://news.digitalmusiccentre.com.au/
Tamworth Rage Pages
receives ACRA
Industry Award 2005
Helen Mitchell
The experience will be the highlight of your day. Helen maintains these extensive pages and works to promote artists and events across the continent. Her pages are the leading Australian Internet Country pages and there is nothing anywhere in the world to match her efforts to reach out and lend a hand to singer or to a patron. Recently for the Hexham Tamworth on Parade Weekend she covered the events in her usual professional manner.

I enjoy receiving mail from “News” readers who connect with Helen’s pages. Many say that she is the hero of all concerned with the industry.
This is why the decision was a straightforward one for judges when it came to selecting the 2005 Recipient of The ACRA Industry Award. Corporate Australia sees to it that it’s stable of country stars receive overall cover in the media. Well, for these and all artists Helen has an open door. You will see her at shows and festivals, camera in hand and a smile in the other!

Helen says "Thank you very much ACRA"!!!!
Craig Giles and Tom Maxwell
tie for National ACRA Award
Australian Traditional Balladeer Tom Maxwell                     Power packed performer Craig Giles

Two of the nation’s most popular entertainers, Tom Maxwell and Craig Giles have ended up toe to toe in The ACRAS 2005. (The Australian Country Recording Awards)
In the section, Australian Artists on Tour Award they ended even on points when all scores were tallied.
The two artists are among the most traveled and most popular in the country music genre. It was an easy decision to accept the dead heat for what it is, an acknowledgement of both as diligent achievers in the filed.
The presentation will be made as part of the 15th Annual Tamworth on Parade Spectacular at Goulburn Workers Club on Saturday night 22nd Oct.

Click here for Photos from the Hexham Country Music Festival

Joe McManamon received a Manilla Festival honour
an Erik Dekkers Painting
of a “Shower over Halls Creek”

Digital Music Centre Industry
(Lindsay Butler Studios - 336 Goonoo Goonoo Rd Tamworth)
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