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Anna Rose
Friday Night out in Tamworth
June 22nd 2007
Anna Rose
Another night out in the Country Music Capital
Wanita was celebrating her birthday at The Vault, with daughter Elly May Sheedy and Wanita’s husband, ‘Bubba’.

Andrew played didge, gourds of varying descriptions and
anything else that you could possibly imagine.
Anthony Walmsley was a delightful bonus on stage with Lawrie Minson
and Andrew Clermont at The Vault.

Former Locomotive Hotel publican Greg Stannard and Gary Gracie were at
The Pub to see Pat Drummond.

Jackie Marshall breezed in to Tamworth for a gig at The Locomotive Hotel.
Lawrie and Andrew were in fine form at The Vault.

Matt Parnell and Janet Strudwick were at The Locomotive to see Jackie Marshall.

Pat Drummond did not disappoint with his story songs at The Pub.
Ronnie Rindo and Leigh Ivin backed up Jackie Marshall at The Loco.

The birthday girl, Wanita, was persuaded to get up and sing a song or two with Andrew, Lawrie and Anthony at The Vault.
What else do you do on a Friday night in Tamworth but go out and check out some music? Most people would possibly get to one gig, but my chauffeur Rob McIlveen and I managed to take in three tasty little events between 8pm and midnight. I started out at The Pub to catch a set of Pat Drummond and Pat didn't disappoint. It was a beaut night, with lots of people there to see Pat - and not just have a go at the $10,000 jackpot draw! Right after I heard Flicker of An Eye - and just before Marilyn Monroe Was A Size 14 - Rob and I scooted out to check out Jackie Marshall's gig at The Loco. Jackie has visited Tamworth during Festival time so I wanted to see and hear the new material she's doing now. With handy backing by Leigh Ivin (pedal steel), Ronnie Rindo (drums) and a dear little 19-year-old bass player - dunno his name, but he sure knows how to play - Jackie delivered with a fusion of country and jazz. But wait, there's more. Andrew Clermont and Lawrie Minson were doing a gig at The Vault before Andrew flies out for a two-month OS tour with Dya Singh, so we had to catch that. And it was one of those bonus gigs, where we got more than we bargained for. Not only were Loz and Andrew accompanied by Anthony Walmsley on guitar, we also were treated to a song or two by the birthday girl, Wanita, who was at The Vault with partner Bubba and daughter Elly May Sheedy. I was home by midnight so my Ford didn't turn into a pumpkin. The only thing I forgot to do was pick up a paper at The Leader press site on the way home. Bugger. A great night, apart from that. The live music scene is well and truly thriving in Tamworth - as there were gigs I could have gone to at venues such as Tamworth Services Club, The Central, The Albert, Wests, and more - but hey, a girl can only stretch herself so far.

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