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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Kasey Chambers
Civic Theatre
12th October 2002
Kasey singing a duet with Simon Bruce 
Kasey had the perfect crowd.   Cheering loudly then quiet and attentive at all the right times. Many fans knew the words to all her songs and sang along with Kasey. They loved the brilliantly talented Troy Casser Daley and 17 year old upcoming star of the future, Simon Bruce. It was a very enthusiastic concert.   The band consisted of Kasey's Dad (multi-instrumentalist) Bill Chambers,  Jeff McCormack on Bass, Glen Hannah on lead and B. J. Barker on drums.  Troy, Bill and Simon all sang duets with her.  After having such a big break having her baby Talon, Kasey was thoroughly enjoying herself.  Kasey told a funny story about her entering a karoake contest and not getting a place.  Coming 4th to two Elvis Presley imitators and a lady singing "The Captain".
Troy Cassar-Daley                                              Simon Bruce  
Kasey and dad Bill Chambers
Aine and Emma who had a wonderful time
 enjoying music at its best

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