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Ginja Roe
Meg and Pam
Megan Doherty and Pam Wouters
Meg and Pam change their name to Ginja Roe...
We've decided Meg and Pam is a little too hmmmm basic...
We're now 'Ginja Roe', & we now have a new email address and website...
Email us on : ginjaroe@yahoo.com.au
or... Search us on: www.ginjaroe.com
G'day all! Long time no update. We've been flat out recording our new album with producer Bob Spencer, due for release September 07, we're really working hard on this one. A folk/rock country sound, the quality of songs and recording has increased by 200% since the last album! We're excited.
Check out our myspace site for a sneak peak at one of our new songs 'On the Run' - www.myspace.com/ginjaroe   or visit our website www.ginjaroe.com  for updates!

We're supporting Adam Brand at the Ferntree Gully Hotel October 25th 07, for anyone south of Tamworth, north of Tasmania and east of SA, you better get your ass to the show cause its going to be crazy times!

Keep a listen out for new album details, its going to be a ripper!

Ginja Roe
Meg from Ginjaroe hits a fine note at the Mildura Country Music Festival!

G'day all!
Well, after a huge weekend of plucking guitar, tootin some tunes from the harp and singing to her hearts content, Meg Doherty from trio 'Ginjaroe' has had huge success from the Top of the state 2006 talent Quest. Meg performed all of her own original songs taking out a place for almost all category's she competed in.

Results for 2006 were as follows;
Senior Vocal - 1st Place
Open instrumental/ Vocal - 2nd Place
Senior open duet - Ginjaroe came 2nd place in a stiff contest!
Senior Australian Country vocal - 1st Place
Senior Overall winner of the top of the state talent quest - 1st Place
Grand Overall winner of the top of the state talent quest - 1st Place
Victorian Champion of Champions - Senior Female - 1st Place

For her second year competing in the competition, Meg says she was absolutely shocked, delighted, excited and overwhelmed with the success from the weekend. Brianna Lee (last years top of the state competition winner) delighted the crowd singing a few songs amongst a few other young and upcoming country music stars of Australia.

The girls are confident that success is just around the corner for the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Ginjaroe will be making their way up to the festival in January next year!
Yee bloody ha!!!!!
Check out the new Ginjaroe myspace page from www.ginjaroe.com
We would love to hear from you! - check out the new web page - Pammy put her heart and soul into that baby.

We've added our magnificent lead guitarist Mark to the duo! That makes us now a trio! Ginja Roe are looking to work their butts off end of 2006 as Meg is travelling till August... We're booked in at all different festivals (check the web) till the big one in 2007! We are all so very excited about venturing up to NSW for the festival next year - we've warned our 3 fans to follow!
Love to all and safe dancing.
Ginja Roe

A big G'day to all!
Another awesome festival! Wow! What a fantastic trip Pam and I had. We met some really inspirational musicians and some keen party goers! Jake Nikolai, again, what a champ, also the Davidson brothers were absolutely fantastic - almost scary! The distance, Sweeney Killeen! All - legends bar guru's :-)
All updates, pics and new cd details are on our web site if you are interested!!!! Check up on www.megandpam.com  as we finally have it all totally up and running!
Thanks to all our supporters back home that watched my Telstra road to Tamworth final on the net! It was such a great experience again. Such tough competition and I was so privileged to be in a competition with such fantastic performers, writers and entertainers. Katie Briana gave me goose bumps again, she is so fantastic with such a bright future ahead of her. Congrats to Nick - Go Victoria muso's! Rebecca Lee Nye was amazing again!
I had a ball and soaked up the lights camera and great sound. Thanks to my mum and dad, front row patrons, and thanks to all that have bought a copy of the new demo 'homemade'... Another exciting year ahead I'm sure! More music to write, more people to meet! More fans to pay... :-) hehe
We had a blast at Tamworth 2006 and can't wait for 2007. We have added a few links onto our site of some cool dudes we met up in NSW at the festival, so check there sites out too! To you all, safe travels and safe dancing! We hope to see you at one of our gigs, but for now, I have around 100 new cds to listen to
Love Meg ox
Megan and Pam
Megan Doherty
Howdy! Its Meg and Pam!!!! Its been a very exciting start to the year in this ever changing music industry! Us girls have just started recording our first independent EP with hope to release it early September 2005. We have been gigging all over Victoria and recently ventured to Tasmania to play at a few venues over there! Caught up with Tom Coulson, Telstra Road to Tamworth finalist 2005, and met some very inspirational singer/songwriters on our visit. Heading up to the snow in a couple of weeks for a few gigs and a bit of a snow board... I hope we don't break any bones...
With our hectic 9 to 5 work schedule and music making, both Pam and I are just flat out and buggered, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We are just thrilled to have the support we do with our regular followers so thank you and cheers to you all!
If you want to be added to our gig updates group email list, just email us at the below email and we'll be happy to add you on. We're both so excited about Tamworth 2006, and hopefully I will be accepted into Telstra Road to Tamworth 2006, fingers crossed!
We are heading to Mildura Country Music festival September this year so we hope to see you all there! Come and say g'day!

Our website is www.megandpam.com   (not totally up and running yet but keep checking!)
Or email us at;
Or give us a call on 0409232220 or 0419291081
Take care out there!
Meg ox
My name is Megan Therese Doherty. I am a singer songwriter from Melbourne and perform my original songs as a female duo, my buddy's name is Pam.
My music is classified as the folk, blues genre, but also falls in to alternative country.

I was lucky enough to win the Cranbourne heat to be able to experience the Telstra road to Tamworth national competition.
It was a great competition, and I was also lucky enough to meet and chat with some of the grand finalists. I am not a competitive person so the actual competition was although fantastic, not really for me.

I busked most days on Peel street and met a good crowd of people, some bought cd's, some were happy to spectate and keep walking, but all in all, I was just happy, as a musician to see the show case of talent in the competition and also through out Tamworth.

I caught up with 17 year old Tasmanian contestant Tom Coulson, we had a jam and were able to perform a song at the Family Hotel on the last Wednesday night of the festival.

Jake Nikolai was my favourite to hear and watch at West Leagues! Boy he plays a mean solo! Jonah's Road, another amazing band to watch and listen to.
I will definitely be back next year, applying for the college and hoping to meet another bunch of talented people.

I had my guitar signed by Lee Kernaghan! It looks cool as. He gave some good advice. That was definitely a high light.

I want to say a special thank you to the Telstra crew who hung about around the Telstra stage and at the marquee in Peel street! They were amazing!  So supportive, helpful and took the edge off the nerves!  Ask any other contestant (A special thanks to Sue - not sure of her last name, but she reminded me of my aunty and was so lovely and she bought a cd!  hehe)

Megan Doherty

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