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  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Various Artists
Photos  courtesy of Wendy Broome
Mick Pealing with Dean and Carruthers.
Mick Pealing with Dean and Carruthers.
Chris Haig and Troy Cassar-Daley - The Pub 
Kasey Chambers, Trev Warner and Beccy Cole  - The Pub
Bill Chambers & Bap Kennedy
Bill Chambers, Michael Muchow and Chris Haig
Rob Luckey
Pickers night at The Pub
Michel Rose, Clare O'Meara and Daniel Conway
Pickers Night at The Pub with Andy Baylor, Stuie French, Chris Haig and Michael Albeck
Aleyce Simmonds at The Pickers Night
Andy and Michael Vidale                                        Daniel Conway
Daniel Conway and Michael Muchow
Duncan Toombs and Doug Gallacher
Huckleberry Swedes Mark Elberg and  Troy Loakes
Huckleberry Swedes - Sam Willoughby
Wanita with Gleny Rae Virus & the Tamworth Playboys
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