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Strictly Country Records
European Word Of Bluegrass 2002
Cat. No:  SCR-A16
Barcode:   7 42451 85162 5
Release date: October 2002
In May 2002, the 5th European World of Bluegrass, affectionately known as EWOB, was held in Voorthuizen, Holland.  The event featured 45 bands from 15 European countries, and 4 artists from the U.S.A., the home of bluegrass music. 
Bands travel from countries as far-flung as Russia, Italy, and England to
perform at EWOB, which is organized by the European Bluegrass Music
Association (EBMA), and supported by the International Bluegrass Music
Association (IBMA).  The musicianship, as well as the songwriting by some of
the non-native English-speaking artists is excellent, and it is truly heartwarming
to see this music spreading its branches throughout the world. 
On this album, 26 groups each perform one number, recorded “live” during the EWOB 2002 event.  Highlights include the very creative Reliéf  [Czech Rep.] #1 European Bluegrass Band 2000; Red Wine [Italy] (#3 European Bluegrass Band 2002) on their first trip to EWOB; Nugget [Austria] #1 European Bluegrass Band 1999, #2 European Bluegrass Band 2002) – the smoothest of them all; Liz Meyer [USA] known for her powerful original songs, accompanied every year at EWOB by Nugget; special guests Sally Jones and the Sidewinders [USA] from Nashville; and the #1 European Bluegrass Band 2002,  4Wheel Drive [Netherlands], featuring Holland’s finest bluegrass singer, Theo Lissenberg.

SCR Productions - PO Box 628  -  2130 AP Hoofddorp - The Netherlands phone: +31 (0)297 347 101  Fax:  +31 (0)297 347 488  email: scr@pietergroenveld.com 

Strictly Country Records
Paul Craft
“Raised by the Railroad Line”
Cat. No:  SCR-52
Barcode:   7 42451 85522 7
Release date: October 2002
After lying forgotten on Paul Craft’s music room shelf for some 30 years, Strictly Country Records is proud to release these unique early seventies recording sessions.  The songs are some of Paul’s early compositions.  Raised By the Railroad Line is the song he claims to be “his first worthwhile song”.   A later version of this song, now a bluegrass classic, can be found on his Brother Jukebox album (SCR-49), also on Strictly Country Records.
Most of the tracks are directly recorded with Paul’s favourite Nashville-band at the time, the legendary Steam Powered Aero-Plain Band: John Hartford on  banjo; Vassar Clements on fiddle; Norman Blake on guitar and mandolin; and Tut Taylor on Dobro.  Paul plays guitar, and overdubbed the bass.   
The additional tracks, were recorded in the same period with Paul’s longtime   Seldom Scene friends, Mike Auldridge on Dobro and Ben Eldridge on banjo. Vassar Clement added his distinctive fiddle to these tracks as well. 
Allen Reynolds and Don Williams are the back up singers on 3 of the songs.   
As Tut Taylor states in the liner notes:  
When Paul asked the Aero-Plain Band to join him on this project we were elated. We had another opportunity to expand our sound.  This was a fun session.
I think this CD shows an exciting and tender side of Paul Craft.  Whatta guy.”
SCR Productions - PO Box 628  -  2130 AP Hoofddorp - The Netherlands phone: +31 (0)297 347 101  Fax:  +31 (0)297 347 488  email: scr@pietergroenveld.com 
Strictly Country Records
Steve Huber
"Pullin' Time"
Cat. No:  SCR-41
Barcode:   7 42451 85412 1
Re-release date: October 2002
Steve Huber, one of Nashville's leading Scruggs‑style banjo players, has worked with such top bluegrass artists as Bob Paisley and the Southern Grass, Paul Adkins and Borderline, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, and the Grammy‑ nominated Lonesome Standard Time.
The music on this recording is crisp, clean and hard driving, mostly traditional, but with a hint of progressive style here and there. 
Steve Huber is a true banjo virtuoso who plays each tune to perfection. His skill is apparent in the varied approaches and styles he plays, especially on the tunes he has written for this, his debut CD. 
“Pullin’ Time” features some of the finest musicians in bluegrass today, such as Tony Rice, Rob Ickes, Butch Baldassari, Stuart Duncan, Jimmy Gaudreau, Randy Howard, Missy Raines, and others. 
“Pullin’ Time” was first released in 1995, and returns by popular demand for a second round of attention.
SCR Productions - PO Box 628  -  2130 AP Hoofddorp - The Netherlands phone: +31 (0)297 347 101  Fax:  +31 (0)297 347 488  email: scr@pietergroenveld.

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