Tamworth Rage Page
Helen is no longer updating this website. 


  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Artist & Friends 3
Photos courtesy of Wendy Broome
Cheryle Byrnes and Troy Cassar-Daley
Pixie Jenkens
Greg and Mark from Finn MacCool
Johnny Green and Barry Benning
Anna Rose and Barry Benning
John Green
Grunter, Barry
Danny George Wilson (UK)  David Springer Sound Engineer and Bap Kennedy(IRE)
Karl Broadie and Jim Lauderdale
Ric and Wendy
Wendy, Ric and Kol-Lynne
Lesley Avril waiting for her very successful Gig
Travis Collins and Drew McAlister
Dave Prior and Dave O'Dea
James Gillard, Daniel Conway and Sam Hawksley
Anna Rose

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