Tamworth Rage Page
Helen is no longer updating this website. 


  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Artist & Friends 5
Photos courtesy of Leonie McClure
Jodie Crosby
Donna Boyd (r)
  "Rhonda getting a big Hug"                                                       Lachlan  Dengate
Nicki Gillis and Roger Corbet-  Photo Courtesy of Leonie McClure
Andy Baylor and Wendy McClure
Gina Jeffreys
Gina Jeffreys and Leonie McClure
Les Scott and Friend (Since the festival Les has passed away)
John and Wendy
Alby Pool
Margaret, Mark (Finn MacCool) and Rhonda
Dave, Mark and Rhonda
Leslie and Ted Simpson
John and Leonie
Wendy and John
Wendy, Rhonda and Margaret

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